WALL3D is a specialized manufacturer of high quality 3D Gypsum Wall Panels. Our job is to provide the best product for decorating your walls with class, elegance, uniqueness and beauty. Using advanced technology and highly skilled work force, we offer superb looking, smooth to touch, durable 3D wall panels.
3D Gypsum panels provide fascinating visual effects with natural or artificial light rays, bringing life and grace to any room, independent of its size. They are ideal for decorating with style: large halls, conference rooms, hotels, offices, event venues, classy restaurants, etc.
From the interior design point of view, we offer a multitude of options depending of the desired aspect of your project. Check out our product list and pick your own. You can choose from classic to modern, natural, wild, aristocratic, sport, business, vintage looking or contemporary.
On top of their beauty and durability, our 3D Gypsum panels adjust the indoor climate for a better working and living environment. Check out the other benefits on our website and get in touch with us.