Technical Informations

1. Prepare the wall and the decorative panels

  • Make sure that wall surface is perfectly leveled and flat with no bumps and ready to apply the bonding agent.
  • The wall is primed.
  • Measure from the floor the desired height of the panels to be mounted.
  • Holes to be made on each corner of the panel approx. 10 cm from the edge (with a 6-8 mm drill).
  • Holes to be made on the wall, corresponding to the holes in the panels.

2. Fix the panels

  • Plastic dowels to be inserted in the holes previously made on the wall.
  • The right bonding agent for Gypsum is applied on the wall with a bonding applying tool.
  • The panel is mounted on the wall and fixed with the appropriate screws.

3. Grount and finish

  • Grout the holes made in the panels and the space in between the panels.
  • Joints and holes will be polished with fine sandpaper.
  • Repeat the process if necessary until the surface looks like a perfect monolith.

4. Paint

  • Clean the wall surface to remove any remaining dust from the sandpaper.
  • The whole surface needs to be primed.
  • It is recommended spray paint in order to make sure the paint reaches every little area and shape of the 3D panels and the most perfect color effect is obtained as a result.